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(Chinese version follows. 下面另有中文版.)

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To search for your ideal residential properties throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, please visit the Listings page on this site. If you find any listings that are of interest to you, please don't hesitate to contact me however way you like and let me make all viewing appointments on your behalf. In the alternative, you can also elect to be my RealtyVIP client upfront and let me do all the search for you based on your specific criteria.

As my RealtyVIP client, you will enjoy a working relationship with trust and mutual respect. In addition, my experience and insight of the market will also help you make the right choice and at the right price, and help you achieve your goals every step of the way. Please contact me today.

Inquiry about services of selling residential is welcome, too.

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Due to the complexity of these property types, may I offer you my RealtyVIP services to help you find what you want, based on your specific criteria? I am experienced in the following commercial and investment categories:

For further discussions please contact me today.

Inquiry about services of selling commercial is welcome, too.


你可以透过本网站的Listings 楼盘资料专页搜寻卑诗省低陆平原范围内合适的地产待售项目. 如果你看到有兴趣的楼盘时, 请通知我, 让我为你进行安排约看房子的所有工作. 或者, 你亦可以从一开始就成为我的地产贵宾服务客户, 让我按照你提供的条件和要求, 为你进行所有搜寻的工作.

作为我的地产贵宾服务客户, 你将享受一项充满信任和相互尊重的工作关系. 另外, 我的经验和对市场的了解也可以协助你以合适的价钱作出正确的决定, 並在你找寻房子的过程中为你解答疑难问题, 直到你成功找到合意的房子. 请今天就和我联系.



由于处理商业项目的过程和个别项目内容的复杂性, 我诚意邀请你成为我的地产贵宾服务客户, 我会按照你明确订定的搜寻要求和标准, 从不同渠道为你找寻你需要的项目. 我对处理下列的商业项目有充分的经验:

如需进一步讨论, 请今天就和我联系.